Seeking therapy as a couple takes courage and offers an opportunity for change. Working with a therapist can help to resolve conflicts that couples have not been able to effectively manage on their own. People commonly report a wide range of issues bringing them to couple therapy including communication, desire for increased connection, intimacy issues, infidelity, parenting conflict, and day to day stressors with work, finances, and family. Holly draws from the following methods and works with each couple to assess their situation and develops a therapeutic plan with her clinical expertise and the input, desires, and strengths of the couple. Holly draws upon the Gottman Method, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and other clinical approaches, but is also trained in and offers the following couple models of therapy:


Families seek therapy for a variety of reasons including improvement of relationships, communication, and decreasing conflict. This may include skill building, learning how to set goals as a family and achieve them, or processing the impact of trauma or a mental health diagnosis in one family member. Holly approaches family therapy from a family systems approach and may offer the following model:


Individual counselling and psychotherapy can benefit individuals seeking to process experiences and trauma, major life events, cope with anxiety and depression, and relationships. It can help to manage expectations, learn to set goals, improve symptoms of stress and distress, and set boundaries.


What to expect...

You will receive an email with location and first appointment information once you have booked.

For your first appointment, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. When you enter the office space, you will find yourself in a  waiting area. There will be a clip board with intake paperwork with your initials at the top. Please seat yourself in the waiting area and complete the paperwork prior. You will be greeted in the waiting area at your arranged appointment time. Appointments last 50-60 minutes.

Free parking is available onsite.